gentleman juggler Jeton


Video «Cascade of Stars Gala Show» view

Cascade of Stars Gala Show

Performing in the "Cascade of Stars" Jeton receives standing ovations. But not only the audience is impressed – the International Jugglers’ Association also considers him worthy of its Award of Excellence, making him the first German juggler ever to receive this coveted prize.

Video «Circus Krone» view

Circus Krone

See gentleman juggler Jeton in the spotlight of one of Europe’s best known circuses: Circus Krone in Munich. The Winter Programmes in the Krone building are a unique experience for artists and audiences alike, featuring circus arts of the highest standard.

Video «Neues Theater Höchst» view

Neues Theater Höchst

Jeton is the last of a near-extinct breed of variety performers: the gentleman juggler. His elegant dinner jacket and the accoutrements of high society are an essential part of his art. His roguish charm and his charisma make his juggling a thing to relish.

Video «Cannonball - New Year’s Variety Show» view

Cannonball - New Year’s Variety Show

Jeton juggles a cannonball, a champagne bottle and a paper pellet – yet another amazing feat in the gentleman juggler’s repertoire, presented here at the 10th International New Year’s Variety Show in the Dolce Bad Nauheim, a beautiful art nouveau theatre.

Video «Compering - New Year's Variety Show» view

Compering - New Year's Variety Show

Celebrating the centenary of the regional utilities provider OVAG and the 10th anniversary edition of the New Year Variety Show in Bad Nauheim’s art nouveau theatre, the witty, elegant Monsieur Jeton played host to the 18,000 people who came to see the 24 performances featuring top-class artists from all over the world.

Video «IJA Award Ceremony» view

IJA Award Ceremony

In the U.S., Gentleman Juggler Jeton receives a very special honour: the International Jugglers’ Association’s Award of Excellence. His acceptance speech gives him the opportunity to express his gratitude to his family and his mentors.

Video «Unter Uns – Talk Show on German TV» view

Unter Uns – Talk Show on German TV

The German regional TV station MDR broadcasts the successful talk show “Unter Uns” (“between you and me”) live from Leipzig’s Media City. Hosts Griseldis Wenner and Axel Bulthaupt interview people with exciting or moving stories to tell. Today they welcome Monsieur Jeton to the studio.

Video «Maintower – Profile on German TV magazine» view

Maintower – Profile on German TV magazine

The regional TV station Hessischer Rundfunk presents one of Germany’s most popular daily magazine programmes, “Maintower”. A wonderful report focuses on Gentleman Juggler Jeton.