gentleman juggler Jeton

Press reviews

Jeton is one of the world's leading exponents of his art. He comes from Frankfurt, and he applies German precision to his art. With breathtaking speed, he manipulates coins, balls, billiard cues and even a large mirror. You may have seen lots of jugglers before, but you've never seen one like Jeton!
Then it was the turn of a gentleman with nimble hands and flying objects, who had the audience jumping out of their seats. "Jeton" nonchalantly balanced a mirror on his head, and then did the same with two billiard cues. But what was especially impressive was his ball juggling. It was magnificent to see how the balls wound their way around him before landing in his hands again. His expressive face and numerous little intermezzos were an invaluable addition to the programme – juggling could hardly be more exciting.
Marburger Neue Zeitung
In his first set, with his amazing dexterity and control, the Franco-German quickly had his fans in his grasp. The insane highlight of the show: kicking 4 cups and saucers from the tip of his toe to the top of his head, crowning it all by tossing a sugar lump and a teaspoon into the topmost cup.
Wolfsburger Allgemeine
And the gentleman juggler, Monsieur Jeton, has more than a touch of class. No matter what he juggles, be it a bowler hat, cigar, balls or even a mirror - how in the world would anyone hit on the idea of juggling a huge mirror?
Politiken (DK)
"Gentleman Juggler Jeton" is the new star of the variety scene.
Ruhr Nachrichten, Gelsenkirchen
And yet: in this hunt for the sensational, this craving for "higher! faster! further!" it is perhaps above all the quieter acts that linger longest in our minds: the juggling artist Jeton, in his elegant black suit, who manipulates monocle, cigar and billiard cue with magical precision.
TZ München on the centenary programme "100 Years of Circus Krone"