gentleman juggler Jeton


"Oscar of Juggling for Gentleman Juggler" (July/August 2013)

At the 66th Annual Juggling Festival organised by the International Jugglers’ Association (IJA), Gentleman Juggler Jeton performed at the grand gala show "Cascade of Stars", where he was then presented with the AWARD OF EXCELLENCE.

This award is presented occasionally by the IJA in recognition of a juggler’s outstanding achievements. It pays tribute to performers who have made a significant contribution to the development of this art form.

Previous award winners include Anthony Gatto (US), Kris Kremo (Switzerland), Sergei Ignatov (Russia) and Michael Moschen (US).

Gentleman Juggler Jeton is the first German juggler to receive this coveted prize, and the newspaper Frankfurter Neue Presse carried the headline: "Oscar of Juggling for Gentleman Juggler" (FNP 14 August 2013).