gentleman juggler Jeton

Press reviews

Jeton from Germany is an artist in the classical style, a master of the art of balancing and also of juggling. His fine sense of balance is quite remarkable. He appears on stage wearing a dinner jacket, his trademark, and creates a scene of elegance and enchantment. A flawless performance with some big surprises. Well worth seeing!
Monthly Yoshimoto - Entertainment Magazine, Osaka (JP)
How Jeton can entertain you with three balls, makes you forget jugglers who keep seven in the air.
Rhein Zeitung, Koblenz
He is an impressive perfectionist - seeing him juggle, with a large mirror on his forehead, or two cues and a billiard ball, not to mention his ball juggling, stretches the bounds of your imagination.
Ekstra Bladet (DK)
The man in the dapper threads elegantly balances the trappings of high society: cigar, cane, billiard cue, mirror. Jeton is a juggler. With astounding variations on his artistic theme, he leaves his audiences cheering.
Weser Kurier Bremen
Jeton, the Gentleman Juggler, juggled hats, balls, cups and plates. While successively piling more and more crockery onto his head, as well as a spoon and a lump of sugar, with phenomenal accuracy, he kept his audience amused with witty anecdotes, bringing the 1920s back to life with his gentlemanly charm.
Lippische Landes-Zeitung
With legendary juggling and balancing feats borrowed from the repertoire of the Berlin variety stars of the 1920s, Gentleman Juggler Jeton provided the artistic highlights for this gala. The excellent technique and inch-perfect precision of this elegant, sophisticated performer were simply brilliant.
Grafschafter Nachrichten