gentleman juggler Jeton

Press reviews

What would a variety show be without a classical juggling act, performed in an imaginative style? Juggler JETON amazes audiences with fascinating tricks.
Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung / WAZ
JETON, just flown in from Monte Carlo, presented the near-extinct art of "gentleman juggling". Top hats, balls, picture frames and canes - there is nothing that JETON cannot juggle with graceful ease.
Rheinische Post
Tumultuous applause for a dazzling performance by JETON, the stylish gentleman juggler, who sends top hats and balls whizzing through the air; not even a heavy wall mirror is too difficult for him to juggle.
Leipziger Volkszeitung
Other guests on his show included Jeton, the gentleman juggler, one of the world's elite exponents of his art: he catches coins in his eye sockets, juggles balls behind his back. His whirling, lightning-fast moves captivate the human eye.
Ruhr Nachrichten, Dortmund
Accompanied by the sounds of classical jazz, and creating his own fluid rhythms, Jeton from Germany gave a polished demonstration of the art of the juggler. He juggled cane, handkerchief and hat, spun a mirror on his forehead, juggled balls behind his back and balanced billiard cues – with a consistently high level of skill. The audience was simply fascinated. A graceful, virtuoso performance by Jeton the juggler.
Monthly Yoshimoto - Entertainment Magazine, Osaka (JP)
Opening the second half were Jeton & Carmen a highly-skilled, slightly comic, fast moving juggling act from Germany with the slickest three-ball routine I’ve ever seen.
Mystery Magazine (GB)