gentleman juggler Jeton

Press reviews

Everyone in the audience holds their breath when smartly attired JETON, the gentleman juggler, presents his acrobatic skills; in a fast and furious finale, he balances a cane and top hat on his foot, then flips them up high and catches them on the cigar in his mouth.
Frankfurter Neue Presse
Nobody can match the feats with hat, cane and cigar performed by Jeton, the master of coordination.
Ruhr Nachrichten
Gentleman Juggler Jeton has found the right balance. It’s impressive how he juggles the balls behind his back, or makes a giant mirror dance on his forehead. But he performs his way into the hearts of the audience with four cups and saucers, which he deftly kicks onto his head – and crowns it all by sending a teaspoon flying into the top cup.
Fränkische Nachrichten
Monsieur Jeton, a little man with a bowler hat, who looks like he’s just escaped from a black and white film, balances everything he can get hold of: on his forehead, on his head, coffee cups and billiard cues. The audience are impressed, but it’s the juggler’s witty remarks that make them laugh.
Rhein Zeitung
Charming and original: the juggling feats performed by Gentleman Jeton, who not only balances a tower of billiard cues and a billiard ball on his chin. Accompanied by a nonchalantly humorous commentary, he flips cups and saucers from the tip of his shoe to his head, building a tower and topping it with a teaspoon kicked up and into the uppermost cup.
Heilbronner Stimme
With international act Jeton the Gentleman juggler wowing the crowd by kicking four cups and saucers onto his own head in a stack. Spectator, Olivia, 11, has been enjoying the show since she was a baby. „I liked the juggler the best, I have a goal now to try and learn to do that – it was amazing“, she said.
Nambour Weekly (AU)