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"An unforgettable summer is slowly but surely coming to an end..." (September 2014)

The defining moments were the World Cup in Brazil and some wonderful bookings in Spain, Germany and Switzerland, all of which were emotional highlights. Inspired by these positive experiences, Gentleman Juggler Jeton’s media presence has been completely redesigned. On the website, you’ll find lots of new videos, cover stories, news items and much more.

Jeton in bathtub

.... and if you’re wondering what jugglers and football have in common, read the story behind the photo:

No other sport in the world attracts as much attention as football these days. All over the planet, it’s a subject of conversation that cuts across social boundaries. You might hear people say of the top players: “What he can do with the ball is as amazing as Rastelli”.

Enrico Rastelli is regarded as the greatest juggler of the 20th century. He first performed in Germany in 1925, at the Schumann Theater in Frankfurt. In 1930 he created an act in which his costume was a football shirt and shorts. For the climax of the show, he invited real footballers to come on stage. He would then juggle the football around them and finally – to boundless applause – head the ball into the goal.

His name is synonymous with artistic skill and phenomenal ball handling. He was, and will always remain, an inspiration to performers and footballers alike.

"Summer holidays at Legoland" (August 2014)

Jeton in Legoland

Monsieur Jeton and his charming assistant Carmen are appearing at Legoland Germany for a month. This double-act is a show for the whole family, featuring amazing balancing feats, impressive juggling and fascinating magic. For more information, go to the theme park’s website:

Jeton in Legoland

On 21 August 2014, a colleague will be standing in for Jeton & Carmen, as they will be performing at a one-day event in Switzerland. The regional transport authority of the canton Aargau, RVBW, is staging a gala variety show at the Kurtheater Baden.