gentleman juggler Jeton


Variety shows at the Urania Berlin and at the Neues Theater Höchst (March 2105)

From 13 – 15 March 2015 Gentleman Juggler Jeton stood in at short notice for his sick colleague Rosemie Warth and compered the "Spring Variety" at the Neues Theater in Frankfurt-Höchst.

From 23 February until 5 March 2015, under the motto "Das wird Spitze" (It’ll be great), the curtain goes up every day on Monsieur Jeton at the 265th International Variety Series at the Urania. This variety series has been running since 1952 and is thus the oldest regular variety event in Germany. The event is very popular with Berlin audiences, which explains why all the performances were sold out ahead of time.

"Three evenings full of wit and artistry" (February 2015)

This was the headline when the Westfalen-Blatt reviewed the 28th edition of "Nacht der Komödianten" (Night of the comedians), writing: "Especially skilful was the performance of Gentleman Juggler and Magician Jeton, who challenged the laws of gravity with coffee cups and billiard cues. When the sugar lump failed on the first try to land in the tower of cups that he was balancing on his head, Jeton kept his cool and cheerfully shared a joke with the Espelkamp audience, who were in excellent form themselves and responded to Jeton’s patter with some apt comments of their own. Jeton: >>You’re in a good mood! What have you been smoking?<< Voice from the audience: >>Did you want some?<< Even fast-talking Jeton was nonplussed for a moment, and struggled to hold back a laughing fit."
(Westfalen-Blatt 23 February 2015)

New Year’s Variety in the Capitol and Perfectly Normal Miracles (January 2015)

Monsieur Jeton particularly enjoys performing in his home region, the Rhine-Main area, and coming up this spring are two special dates.

Capitol Theater in Offenbach

The Capitol Theater in Offenbach is a place where stars are celebrated and strategies announced, people are motivated, ideas are presented and heroes are applauded. Every time, it’s a piece of history in the making. It’s part of the house tradition, albeit in a different form: this cultural venue was originally a centre for contemplation and religion – a synagogue. In the meantime, the Capitol has been transformed into a top-class event location, where the City of Offenbach is presenting its New Year’s Variety on 10.01.2015. You can download the full programme as a PDF here.

On 24 and 25. January the curtain goes up on a show entitled "Perfectly Normal Miracles" in Eschborn K. Alongside magician Ralf Weber, Monsieur Jeton & Carmen will be leading the audience on a journey to the world of variety. To book tickets, call 06196-48800.