gentleman juggler Jeton


Jeton, Carmen & Ralf Weber amaze audiences at Theater 1 (September 2015)

With a show entitled "Perfectly Normal Miracles" the 3 artists repeatedly earned spontaneous mid-scene applause and long standing ovations at the end. You can read the full report that appeared in the Rundblick here (PDF). Gerhard M. from Cologne sums it up nicely with this post: "A great evening with three great artists. Perfectly incredible miracles!"

"Only an elephant doesn’t fit in the cup" (August 2015)

The theatre festival Burgfestspiele Dreieichenhain was the venue for another edition of "Variety under the stars", which ran from 30 July to 1 August 2015. Despite the rather cool temperatures, the shows in the castle gardens were sold out, and the loyal festival-goers were treated to a fantastic programme. One of the highlights was Gentleman Juggler Jeton, who supplied the Offenbach Post with its headline "Only an elephant doesn’t fit in the cup" (OP 1.8.2015). The Frankfurter Neue Presse also reported enthusiastically: "The artist was absolutely focused and the spellbound variety audience held their breath as Juggler Jeton performed his feats. This charming gentleman juggler from Frankfurt has revived the noble art of pyramid juggling. With a skilful flip from the tip of his toe, he kicks a saucer onto his head, then a matching cup, and the same again another two times. "And what could be missing?" asks Jeton as he sends a sugar lump on the same journey through the air. "An elephant!" shouts a youthful visionary - but Jeton decides instead to do it with a teaspoon. And in it goes." (FNP 3.8.2015)

Burgfestspiele Dreieichenhain

On 22 August it’s time for "Eifelpark at Night" and Gentleman Juggler Jeton is part of the stage show, which also includes a concert by the pop group Glasperlenspiel, and a fireworks display. For details, go to